Privacy policy – a combined description of the register file and information document

1. Controller of the register
TP Silva Oy / Japa
Valimotie 1, 85800 Haapajärvi
Lahdentie 9, 61400 Ylistaro
Business ID: 0550899-7
Phone: +358 2 857 1200

2. Matters related to the register
TP Silva Oy’s customer service  is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

3. Name of the register
TP Silva Oy’s client register.

4. Grounds and purpose for keeping the register
A register is kept of the contact people of TP Silva Oy’s client companies for the purpose of managing, handling, maintaining, and developing client relationships and other business relationships, targeting the company’s offer, analyzing data, providing, offering, and developing services, and for market research and other statistical purposes. Data on the register may be used for marketing between Company and the client (including electronic direct marketing) and for target marketing within the limits provided by law. Client companies’ contractual contact people are entitled to specify which contact people are saved on Company’s client register regarding the client relationship in question.

5. Content of the register
The data stored on the register does not include the personal data of client companies’ contact people insofar as it is unnecessary to store this with relation to present or potential client relationships or is identical to the client company’s data. The register may contain the following data related to client companies’ contact people:

  • First name and surname
  • Company name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Landline phone number (work)
  • Business address
  • Email address (work)
  • Job and/or position in the company
  • Marketing opt-outs

Additionally, the register may include data that is related to client companies’ contact people and was collected before the potential client relationship or during the client relationship, such as:

  • Information on upcoming events (timing and venue of meetings)
  • Historical data on past events (contact, quotes, and meetings)
  • Information on customer preferences collected with market survey

6. Regular data sources
Personal data is collected throughout client relationships, as well as during the work done to create potential client relationships. Data may be collected and supplemented with the person’s consent (for example, by using cookies), from the population register and other third-party registers. Data may also be collected in conjunction with various marketing measures, such as events.

7. Disclosure of data
Company may disclose information on the register as permitted and mandated by applicable legislation. Due to the technical or operational processing of data, some of the data may be placed with TP Silva Oy’s subcontractors or data may otherwise be processed using a technical access connection. Data may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area if the European Commission has decided that the target country has sufficient data protection.

8. Principles for protecting the register
All of TP Silva Oy’s personnel and the external personnel operating on its behalf have a duty of non-disclosure with respect to all client data. Access to the register is restricted using user-specific accounts, passwords, and access rights.

9. Right to inspect register data and exercising this right  
Every registered party is entitled to inspect the data stored about them. The right of inspection can be exercised free of charge a maximum of one time per year (12 months). Every registered party is entitled on the basis of the Personal Data Act to inspect the data stored about them on the register by requesting the inspection of their data by means of a signed document or by visiting the controller of the register in person. The contact details and opening hours of the controller of the register are given in sections 1 and 2.

10. Correcting and removing personal data from the register  
Registered parties are entitled to demand that erroneous, incomplete, unnecessary, or outdated information about them be corrected or removed by informing the controller of the register at the address given in section 1. User data can be removed from the register at the user’s request.

11. Cookies
We use cookies on our online service. Cookies may expire at the end of an individual session or at a later time. Cookies are small text files that are stored on user devices when users access the online service using a browser. Company’s online service uses cookies and third-party cookies to improve and personalize the user experience of the service, collect data about the number of visitors to the service and the most popular content, and identify people who visit pages frequently.

You can block cookies by changing your browser’s information security settings. Please note that some of the functionality of the online service cannot be used without cookies.