JAPA 47901 Hydraulinen tukkipöytä

Product description

The Japa® hydraulic timber deck is suitable for large timber in large amounts. The hydraulic deck comes equipped with three infeed chains. The three chains can be driven forward and reverse and you can ease straighten up unaligned timber. The dispenser individually transfers the logs onto the firewood machine’s infeed conveyor as you start to infeed by turning the leaver. The Japa® hydraulic timber deck is the professionals best friend as it improves dramatically the output of firewood processors. The capacity of the timber deck can be further increased with a two-meter long extension allowing the user to process even larger amounts of timber. 


  • Height 350 cm
  • Weight 925 kg
  • Width 220 cm
  • 3 infeed chains
  • A mechanical separator
  • Extension (accessory) 2-6m

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